Covid-19 Update

Guidance for drop-offs and collections at Brankley Cattery.

Social distancing measures at Brankley Cattery


We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back into Brankley Cattery in a more relaxed environment.

As of July 19th you are no longer required to wear face masks to enter the premises.

All staff members have a full and up to date covid-19 vaccination course. Staff members have also participated in WHO infection and control of COVID-19 courses to gain additional knowledge.

We are still operating a one customer in the corridor at any time serving policy. This is to keep any possible transmissions at a minimum. We apologise for any longer waiting times than usual.

Quarantine Rules

If you are coming back from a country on the quarantine list you have 2 options when collecting your cats.

  • In an ideal scenario we would prefer you to send someone else who you have not been in contact with to collect your cats for you.
  • If this is absolutely not possible we can box your cats up and bring them down to you in the car park, please remain in the car until we have dropped them off. If you wish to leave your cats with us during the quarantine period please let know.
Brankley Cattery Covid-19 Drop Off

COVID-19 Positive or Symptomatic households

If anyone in your household is showing COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19 we can still take your cats in however please note a few changes in measures.

  • On drop off please leave your cat/s and any belongings at the end of the reception walkway, we shall come down and collect your cats and settle them in for you on your behalf.
  • When you have arrived please do not leave your cars. We will box up your cat/s and place them at the bottom of the walkway, once we have returned back up to the cattery then proceed to collect your cats.
  • We ask that the person delivering the cat/s is not symptomatic or tested positive for coronavirus.
  • We will not keep your cats carry boxes on our premises, they will be returned to you at the bottom of the walkway on drop off, please also leave them here for collection
  • Cats coming from these households will be kept under “barrier nursing” conditions. This generally means that the interaction with the cat is less than those of other households.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We will carry on reassessing our guidelines and update everyone on any changes.

Thank you and stay safe.

Jason, Jayne, Kate, Sue, Tilly & Louby.

Please contact us to check availability

Opening Hours for Drop Off & Collection: 9:30am – 11am