Meet the Brankley Cattery Team

(P.s. We all love cats!)

We are a team of animal lovers

We love all animals at Brankley Cattery, your cats are in safe hands under our care.



Owner and Animal Enthusiast

Likes - Dog walks, animal keeping, talking, going to the pub, eating out and stealing sweets!!

Dislikes - Bad service at restaurants, sitting still & getting to the last chalet and finding no poop scoop!!

Jason loves cats and dogs. He has a German Shorthaired Pointer called Hamlet, a black Labrador called Monty and his ever faithful companion Barney a Maltese x Poodle (who most of you will have met)!

Jason has a level 3 award in Feline Behaviour & Psychology.



Head Chef

Likes - Horses especially dressage, cats, Tia-Maria & men in pointy shoes!!

Dislikes - Untidiness, Jason (haha) & Thierry Mugler Angel perfume.

Jayne has a black horse called DJ, a Bengal called Poop and a tabby DSH called Wally.

Jayne & Jason also have 2 daughters called Tilly Bo and Louby Fi who regularly compete in shows across the UK with their own horses Echo and Kizzy.

Jayne has a level 3 award in Feline Behaviour & Psychology.



Award winning cat owner

Likes - Cats, dogs, attending cat shows, Lady Gaga, Silence of the Lambs and pizza.

Dislikes - Salad, daddy long legs and sitting in traffic!

Kate has 4 cats, 2 British Shorthair cats called Bilbo and Django and 2 Oriental Shorthair cats called Harley and Vinnie. She can be found attending shows around the UK with her cats.

Kate has a level 3 award in Feline Behaviour and Psychology.



Cat Nanna

Likes - Cats, Cows, AC/DC, being a vegetarian (since she was 11yrs old) and helping out Kings Bromley church.

Dislikes - Technology, meat and ABBA.

Sue doesn’t currently have any pets of her own.

Sue has a level 3 award in Feline Behaviour & Psychology.


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Opening Hours for Drop Off & Collection: 9:30am – 11am