Luxury Furnishings at Brankley Cattery

Every Chalet has its own unique Cat Tree, Hammock or Den

We offer all of our feline guests a new purrfect way to explore their temporary homes with at least 1 item of bespoke furniture. This includes bespoke cat trees, cat dens and giant wooden mushrooms to climb on. If you have any special requests please get in touch.

Bespoke Cat Trees

Our luxury cat trees are specifically made to our measurements. They fit within our chalets perfectly and compliment our natural surroundings beautifully. They are all hand crafted in Glasgow using carefully selected driftwood off the west coast of Scotland. No two trees are the same, therefore giving return customers a different experience each time they stay with us.

Measuring an impressive 6ft in height with large solid oak steps gently spiraling upwards, they are made to be climbed, scratched and snuggled on, whatever size of cat you have. From Moggy to Maine Coon, your cat will fit comfortably on the generously sized platforms.

Our cat trees also include hammocks, the sumptuously soft hanging hammocks will enable your pampered pet to snuggle down in for a well deserved cat nap! Come and let your pampurred cats try them out for themselves!


Cat Hammocks

The newest addition to our furniture range, these luxurious hammocks are a great way for cats to catch up on that all important cat nap! Made from one solid piece of wood, attached to the chalet walls, the hammocks are a secure and comfortable place for your cat to bed down at night.

Cat Exercise Wheel

At Brankley Cattery we know the importance of keeping our guests stimulated and in tip top condition during their stay with us. Therefore we set out to find pleasurable pieces of equipment for the cats to interact with whilst at the same time burning off some of their pent up energy.

Introducing our new CAT WHEEL! This is a fairly new and innovative way of your cat engaging in physical activity and mental stimulation. Our wheel has easy entry from both sides, preventing cats feeling trapped in. When in motion, the wheel has four support points underneath it, rather than the usual one, giving it extra stability and safety. It has a foam padding inside the run which gives the cats a soft feeling under their paws, making it comfortable, safe and hygienic.


Cat Dens

Our cat dens are a wonderful hideout and sleeping cabin, fit for royalty. They have an upstairs and a downstairs so there are plenty of places to hide, climb and sleep.

After a hard day’s work we all like to relax in a comfortable home and cats are no exception. Our cat dens have a cosy cabin on the ground floor and a great look-out position on the upper floor, your cat will be spoilt for choice.


Torus Water Bowls

As cat lovers, we strive to source and bring in the most innovative products we can find for our feline friends.

Benefits of the Torus Bowl:

  • Filters to provide fresh, clean water
  • Auto-replenishes as your pet drinks
  • No power or batteries needed
  • Keeps water cool
  • Non slip and non spill design

As your cat drinks from the bowl it automatically tops it up with fresh water, purrfect! Water is stored inside the walls of the bowl ensuring an ample supply of cool, clean water which is protected from dust and contaminants. Each bowl has a carbon filter to remove impurities, guaranteeing your pet has access to clean, fresh, water every time.


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Opening Hours for Drop Off & Collection: 9:30am – 11am