About Our Cattery

About Brankley Cattery

Brankley Cattery was born out of the frustrations that we experienced when trying to find a ‘five star cattery’ to accommodate our own collection of furry, purring companions. Like so many cat lovers who cannot always take their pets away with them – we wanted to ‘find our cats’ a place that was ‘home from home’ which meant a cattery that ticked all the right boxes.

From your feline’s point of view – we are a holiday paradise and from yours, we’re the answer to your prayers.

Five Star Chalets…

So we Decided to build our own, literally from the ground upwards.

We have incorporated everything we deemed important for our feline friends. Each climate controlled ‘accommodation chalet’ is well over double the ‘specified size’ that is recommended by the Local Authorities. The floors, corridors and enclosures are all tiled. As you’d expect there’s a triple door security system and we have installed the very best fire alarms and low energy lighting.


In a Country Setting…

Located on a large country estate our cattery’s high aspect affords it views across both our woodlands and landscaped gardens too; and with no canine brothers and sisters in residence, only the abundance of wildlife and our parading pheasants dare to disturb the peace, which of course ‘our boarders’ find absolutely mesmerising.

So if like us you only settle for the very best ‘board and lodgings’ for your cats, it’s simple, give Brankley Cattery a try and we think you’ll agree you wont want your cats to stay with anyone else again.

That is Easy to Reach.

We are centrally located and within easy reach of all the major motorways – we’ve built up an enviable reputation that is second to none, so to avoid disappointment contact us early. And please, don’t hesitate – pick up the phone, ask a few questions, arrange a pre-booking visit or just leave us your name and address via e-mail and we will be in touch…We are here to help!

Please contact us to check availability

Opening Hours for Drop Off & Collection: 9:30am – 11am

Call: 01283 711525 Email us Pre-Booking Form